Sizilien Reisen

At the right time at the right place - Sicily is for every season - the perfect destination.

To succumb to the Mediterranean charm is not difficult in Sicily ...

The Sicilian cuisine is as diverse as the influences of other cultures in its history. Enjoy tasty experiences with my fellow hosts on a small scale with personal flair.

You live during the journey in private apartments of our hosts Francesca and Claudio Reina in the heart of the idyllic old town of Catania. Enjoy your stay without daily packing bags!

In escorted day tours we discover the pearl of Sicily but there is enough time for you to explore Sicily on your own.

Do you have further questions or want a personal consultation? Then contact me at any time. Confidential, professional and free. Arrange an appointment. True to the motto: Right smack in the middle, instead on the periphery. You are after all, not just anyone.

I look forward to your call


Roland Furrer +41 79 442 47 00

or email:

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  • +41794424700


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